Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Etihad Airways are appalling in my experience

I had the misfortune to fly ETIHAD AIRWAYS ON 29/01/09 from London. The planes are modern and with good inflight entertainment systems, as long as you are lucky to sit in a seat where the entertainment screen actually works! maintenance seems to be very poor indeed.We experienced over 24 HOUR DELAY aswell as DIVERSION to AL AIN AIRPORT when flying to Kuala Lumpur via Abu Dhabi. We didnt have enough fuel onboard. The pilot tried to blame the weather for this fact ... not much use when you are either stuck onboard an aircraft on the ground with very little in the way of refreshments, or when transferred to the airport terminal for 4 to 5 hours with ZERO REFRESHMENTS NOT EVEN WATER. After 12 hours we found ourselves in ABU DHABI AIRPORT to find our flight connection had left without us, despite being told it would wait for us. We were told we would get an upgrade because of the problems but this never materialised either! We then had 12 MORE HOURS TO WAIT IN ABU DHABI before getting our onward flight. Total 24 hour delay. Look at the ETIHAD WOMANS FACE as I am speaking to the DUTY MANAGER


CUSTOMER SERVICE ETIHAD STYLE . . . HER FACE SAYS IT ALL! I WILL NEVER TRAVEL ETIHAD AIRWAYS AGAIN Watch the videos from the same flight to give a feel of what a 24 HOUR DELAY with missed onward connecting flights, feels like. In my case this resulted in just over a 24 Hour DELAY, of which a hotel was provided for about 7 HOURS of this. 5 HOURS was spent in AL AIN AIRPORT with NO INFORMATION, NO FOOD, NOR DRINK. The rest of the time we were kept onboard the aircraft with very LIMITED REFRESHMENTS OF RATHER POOR QUALITY. What Would a proper airline do... APOLOGISE PERHAPS AND PROVIDE ACCOMMODATION FOR MOST OF THE DELAY WITHOUT HAVING TO BE TOLD WHAT THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES WERE... PERHAPS A PROPER AIRLINE WOULD ISSUE MEAL VOUCHERS AT THE AIRPORT... PERHAPS A PROPER AIRLINE WOULD CARRY ABOUT 20 MINUTES WORTH OF EXTRA FUEL TO ALLOW FOR BAD WINDS OR ANY other unforeseen circumstances... Most other flights managed to do this... why couldn't ETIHAD??? It appears this case isn't an isolated case either.